Official Plan Update and New Zoning By-law

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Draft Zoning Map Schedules

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Official Plan Review and Zoning By-law Update

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Draft Environmental Hazard Maps!

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The Municipality is undertaking an update of its Local Official Plan and the creation of a new Comprehensive Zoning By-law.  The draft Zoning By-law, updated draft Local Official Plan and all associated mapping are posted. In order to view these documents and other information, click  here (link to Bruce County's website).   

PowerPoint Presentation

May 28, 2017 (Tobermory Community Centre) - click  here to view
July 8, 2017 (Rotary Hall and Municipal Office) - click here to view
September 25, 2017 (Lion's Head Arena Auditorium) - click here to view
October 10, 2017 (Lion's Head Arena Auditorium) - click here to view
December 2, 2017 (Tobermory Community Centre) - click here to view

Zoning By-law and Local Official Plan Information Update document 25SEP17

Draft New Zoning By-Law 

Special Council Meeting Planner's Report dated December 2, 2017 (Zoning By-law)
Special Council Meeting Planner's Report dated December 2, 2017 (Local Official Plan)
Council Meeting Planner's Report dated November 27, 2017 (summary of changes made to draft Zoning By-law posted November 10, 2017)
Special Council Meeting Planner's Report dated November 3, 2017
Council Meeting Planner's Report Appendix A, Appendix B and Appendix C dated October 10, 2017 (re:  Comprehensive Zoning By-law).
Council Meeting Planner's Report dated October 10, 2017 (re:  Local Official Plan).
Council Meeting Planner's Report dated September 25, 2017, click here to view.
Special Council Meeting Planner's Report dated June 12, 2017, click here to view. 
Special Council Meeting Minutes dated June 12, 2017, click here to view.

Draft Zone  Maps are on line at  This is an interactive viewer which allows you to search for your property by address, roll number or legal description and turn on other features like air photos.     

Topic Reports to Council:
Report to Special Council Meeting 12JUN17
Appendix A - Huron Geosciences Report 12JUN17
Report to Special Council Meeting 31JUL17

Printed copies of the draft by-law are available for review at the Tobermory or Lion's Head Library branches as well as at the Municipal Office.  

Environmental Hazard Areas and Maps

Draft Environmental Hazard Maps have been prepared using the criteria that was identified by the Pilot Project Steering Committee (PPSC).  You can view the PPSC Report here.  The hazard maps are incorporated into the interactive zoning maps (see link above)   

To learn more about environmental hazards, what hazards have been mapped and how the maps have been produced, please check these documents:

1.  Pilot Project Steering Committee (PPSC) Report, click here to view the Staff Report
2.  Grey Sauble Conservation Authority (GSCA) Hazard Mapping Brief, click here to view
3.  Northern Bruce Peninsula Hazard Mapping Examples, click here to view
4.  A Provincial Guide to Understanding Natural Hazards, click here to view
5.  Ministry of Natural Resources Great Lakes Flood Levels and Water-related Hazards, click here
6.  Map showing Great Lakes flood elevations in Northern Bruce Peninsula, click here

By way of Resolution #06-07-2016 dated February 29, 2016, Council approved the following:

THAT Council does hereby adopt the Pilot Project Steering Committee (PPSC) report dated February 10, 2016, as circulated, and approves all actions contained therein;
AND THAT the Pilot Project Steering Committee (PPSC) supports the nine (9) recommendations contained within a Staff Report prepared by Chris LaForest dated January 25, 2016 and recommends that Council concurs with this resolution to adopt said recommendations.

Official Plan Review

In 2017, Council, Staff and the public will be discussing and addressing updates to the Local Official Plan (Lion's Head, Ferndale and Tobermory) as well as a new Zoning By-law.  We encourage everyone to become participate in the process.  The February and June 2017 Municipal Newsletters provide an overview of the nature, intent and process involved.  Click here to view the overview. 

Step 1:  Topic Papers and Initial Public Comment Period (January 23 to March 31, 2017)
Topic 1:  Public Consultation and Process
Topic 2:  Built Form : Sense of Place
Topic 3:  Energy Conservation, Air Quality and Climate Change
Topic 4:  Housing and Dwellings
Topic 5:  Natural Heritage Systems

Public comments on these and other topics that have been received were summarized in a report to Council on April 10, 2017.  Click here to view the Staff Report

Step 2:  Preparation of Proposed Plan and Open Houses (May to September 25, 2017)

See the draft Local Official Plan

You can find a Summary of Changes to the Official Plan, by section, by clicking here.

You can read the current Official Plan by clicking here.

Proposed Schedules of the Official Plans are now available. The changes to these schedules were primarily to:

  • re-draw the "Natural Area" boundaries to separate them from "Environmental Hazards" which are now mapped separately
  • combine the "Highway Commercial" and "Space Extensive Commercial and Light Industrial" designations into a "Highway Commercial and Light Industrial" designation which corresponds to the way they have been zoned since 2002
  • include a new "Highway Commercial and Light Industrial" area across from the Tobermory Airport

Schedule 'A' - Tobermory Land Use
Schedule 'B' - Lion's Head Land Use
Schedule 'C' - Ferndale Land Use
Schedule 'D' (unchanged) - Tobermory Maximum Permitted Height Overlay
Schedule 'E' (unchanged) - Lion's Head Maximum Permitted Height Overlay
Schedule 'F' - Tobermory Constraints
Schedule 'G' - Lion's Head Constraints

    You can submit comments to

    Step 3:  The Statutory Public Meetings took place on Monday, September 25, 2017 and Tuesday, October 10, 2017 at 1:00 p.m. in the Lion's Head Arena Auditorium, 4 Tackabury Street, Lion's Head, Ontario, N0H 1W0


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